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2003 Elite Canada - Sr. All-Around - December 05

Heather Purnell (Ottawa)
1st AA
Heather Purnell Melanie Banville (Ottawa) 2nd AA (tie)
received the highest score on FX 9.65

Banville dropped to second
after collapsing on the low bar
Gael Mackie (Omega)
2nd AA (tie)
Gael Mackie scored 9.075 on beam

Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs (Sport Seneca)
4th AA
Lydia Williams (Sport Seneca)
5th AA
Katherine Fairhust (Sport Seneca)
6th AA

Laura-Ann Chong (Twisters)
9th AA
Melanie Tham (Mississauga)
8th AA
Melanie Tham

Aimee Balderian (Sport Seneca)
7th AA
Danielle Hicks (ASF)
10th AA
Brittnee Habbib (Gemini)
17th AA

Marci Bernholtz (ASF)
12th AA
Vanessa Meloche (Sport Seneca)
competed 3 events only
Vanessa Meloche

Tracey Rai (Flicka)
16th AA
Eleonora Vacca(Omega)
21st AA
Julie Medeiros (Flicka)
13th AA

Fanny Girard (G Rich)
11th AA
Joeanna Leung (Winnettes)
19th AA
Jennifer Simbhudas (WNST)
14th AA

Melanie Rocca (Bluewater)
20th AA
Ellen McCarthy (Sport Seneca)
15th AA
Madison Ward (Cambridge)
18th AA

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