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2003 Elite Canada - Novice All-Around - December 06

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Charlotte Mackie (Omega)
competed 6 events only with a high of 9.075 on FX
Olivia Davis (Mississauga)
1st AA - was brilliant on BB and FX
Brittany Rogers (Omega)
4th AA - led the field after Day 1

Shanaz Kalantar (Gemini)
13th AA
Shanaz Kalantar
8.50 for her beam exercise
Kristina Vaculik (Gemini)
2nd AA - had the highest score on Day 2 UB - 9.275

Kristina Vaculik scored 8.975 on BB Nicole Pineau (Omega)
6th AA - scored 9.025 on BB
Stephanie Pacitto (Mississauga)
3rd AA, 2nd on V, FX

Madison Edwards (Scarborough)
11th AA - chalking for bars
Madison Edwards
scored 8.30 for this exercise
Alexandra Picton (G. ADV)
20th AA

Kimberley Gregory (G. RIC)
scored 8.55 on FX
Catherine Dion (G ELI)
19th AA
Megan Mereniuk (WSTC)
23rd AA

Kimberley Gregory (G RIC)
5th AA - scored 9.15 on BB
Charlotte Mackie
8.75 on BB
Charlotte Mackie en route
to a 9.075 on FX

Samantha Nowak (BRAN) 9th AA
excels on BB for a 9.70 on Day 2
Emily Ryan (TAIS)
14th AA
Emily Ryan

Maude Arsenault (Gymnix)
7th AA
Kelsey Williams (WSTC)
22nd AA
Chelsea Lefort (TAIS)
8th AA

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