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2002 Gymnix International - Gallery #1

Kaitin White (USA) Celeste Carnevale (ARG) Lydia Williams (CAN) Vanessa Meloche (CAN)


Jordan Schwikert (USA) Carly Patterson (USA) Amelie Plante (CAN) Abby Pearson (CAN)


Rebecca Owen (GBR) Irina Krasnyanska (UKR) Stephanie Gadbois (CAN) Holly Vise (USA)


Danielle Hicks (CAN) Melanie Rocca (CAN) Inna Teslenko (UKR) Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs (CAN)


Kristal Uzelac (USA) Tia Orlando (USA) Olga Azarkevitch (RUS) Kaitlin White (USA)

In order to obtain prints from the competition, please contact Leslie Foster

Gymnix Gallery #2

Gymnix Podium Gallery

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