Brandy Johnson (USA)

Photo by Matthew Barber

1986 North Shore Invitational: 1st AA, 1st V, 1st FX
1987 Chunichi Cup: 2nd BB
1987 Junior US National Championships: 1st AA
1988 International Mixed Pairs (with S. Johnson): 10th T
1988 US National Championships: 6th AA, 3rd (Tie) V, 2nd FX
1988 Olympic Games: 4th T, 10th AA
1989 US World Championship Team Trials: 1st AA
1989 World Championships: 7th AA, 2nd V
1989 US National Championships: 1st AA, 1st V, 5th UB, 1st BB, 1st FX
1989 USA vs. USSR: 1st AA
1989 Cottbus Cup: 1st AA
1989 Cottbus Cup (Mixed Pairs portion): 3rd T (with Scott Burr)
1989 American Cup: 1st AA
1990 World Cup: 5th, 6th UB, 7th BB, 8th FX
1990 US National Championships: 3rd AA, 1st V, 1st FX

Born April 30, 1973 in Tallahassee, Florida, Brandy Johnson demonstrated that she was a strong contender for the 1988 US Olympic Team when she finished first in the Junior division at the 1987 US National Championships. She went on to make the 1988 Olympic Team and was the highest all around finisher for the United States with her 10th place finish.

The post-Olympic year was a wonderful one for Brandy. Having transferred to Bela Karolyi's in the months leading up to the Olympic trials, she moved back to her long-term coaches Kevin Brown and Jeff Wood, immediately following the Olympics. With Olympic experience "under her belt," Brandy excelled, winning most of the competitions she entered that year (US Nationals, USA vs USSR, Cottbus Cup, etc.). Despite a few uncharacteristic mistakes at the 1989 World Championships team competition, Brandy earned a 7th place finish in the All Around and a silver medal on vault. Following the 1990 World Cup, at the age of 17, Brandy announced her retirement and her engagement to Bill Scharpf, a former professional waterskiier.

Despite an unsuccessful comeback for Barcelona, Brandy has had continued success in the sport of gymnastics. She competed in the 1991 Professional Championships against the likes of Natalia Yurchenko and Aurelia Dobre. She planned to participate in 1992 post-Olympic tour, but unfortunately was injured while preparing for the tour.

In 1994 Brandy she earned her level 8 judging license, improving on this through the years to the point of being able to judge at the 1998 Professional Championships. Coaching has also been a part of Brandy's post-competitive life. She began coaching at Brown's Gymnastics Metro (now Orlando Metro Gymnastics) eventually opening a separate Brown's Gymnastics facility in Clermont, FL with her husband. Also, following her husband's lead, Brandy has performed as a stunt double in various movies and television episodes.

Despite her newfound activities, Brandy's Olympic passion burned on. In an effort to compete again moving towards the 1996 Olympics, she began training at Broadway Gym in Winter Springs, FL. The comeback was unsuccessful. 

In August 2000 she was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame, although she will not make the trip to Boston to attend for the formal dinner as she'd recently given birth to her first child, daughter Sydney.

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